Blacklight Propaganda Media Group, formally known as Blacklight Propaganda Design, was established in late 2010 by Santiago Zabaleta and AJ Hill, two highly talented and creative individuals.

Our Company's main focus, revolves around Web/Graphic/Print Design & Photography. We are a company that focuses directly on attracting more customers to our clients' businesses through the proper advertisement techniques. Our company specializes in: flyers, business cards, promotional ads, menus, posters, automotive photography and almost anything you could think of that relates to graphic advertisement and media. Blacklight Propaganda has been exploiting the market for local businesses, and we have found that both our clients and our clients' customers truly appreciate our work.

Santiago Zabaleta

  • I am currently attending Full Sail University for Web Design & Development. I've been creating flyers, business cards, menu's, any type of graphic media, for over the past eight years since my introduction to Adobe Photoshop by my father. I have recently taken up Photography as a hobby, learning from AJ, and getting into the automotive scene slowly. I don't call myself a photographer but I do love taking pictures of landscapes, architecture, events & nature as well as learning techniques for automotive photography. While attending Full Sail, I've started learning how to build websites and work with various types of code like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, & PHP to name a few. I'm not fully fluent, but towards the end of the college career, I will be. I hope you enjoy all of our work and what we as Blacklight Propaganda can bring to the table to our fans and our customers alike.

    AJ Hill

  • While graphic design was the catalyst to what got me into Blacklight Propaganda, my main focus has shifted towards photography, more specifically automotive photography. I was introduced to Photoshop around 2004 as I went through school; always manipulating photos and creating new designs for fun. In our last year of high school, Santiago and I noticed that we had a similar passion for graphic design and we established Blacklight Propaganda. Soon after we graduated, (not having much to do during the summer) I started going out to take pictures of our cars for fun with a DSLR borrowed from my father. Just as my graphic design, I delved far into research on how to finesse my techniques and learn new ones. What you see today is the product of that. I love being able to bring my passion for cars and my passion for photography and design together and create something unique. We have big plans for the future and will continue to evolve as we introduce new content and bring in new people to the Blacklight Propaganda family.

    Paul Salyers

  • My primary “focus”, or what I enjoy doing and find myself doing the most of, is taking photos and filming. Occasionally I will find myself doing some small graphic design work such as: logos, business cards, flyers, etc. for personal use and sometimes commercial. The photography/videography industry jumped out at me from being in the car scene. I followed many people within the car scene that did photo/video work and always looked at/watched their content and it’s something that really interested me. Photography/videography is a hobby of mine and it’s something that I love doing. Always learning new things each and every day, pointing and shooting everything (literally, everything.), and meeting new people along the way is what truly makes me happy!

    What We Do

    We here at Blacklight Propaganda Media Group, we like to capture moments and being able to represent Companies & Indivudals from our creative prespective. We have the skillset in Graphic & Web Design, Photography, and some Videography. We are fluent in Adobe's Photoshop, Photoshop Lightroom, & Illustrator. We are also mildly familiar with building websites with HTML, CSS, & JavaScript.


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    Santiago Zabaleta

    AJ Hill

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